For years traveling around the world, visit tribes and different cultures, working at the streets, making jewellery, accessories, clothes e.t.c , selling in markets and festivals, playing music, performing with fire and many more experiances till life bring us together in Cyprus and open a small shop the last few years at the old town of the most beautiful city of the island, Limassol.

Usually we work at home and especially in our Cactus garden that inspire us so much making our designs reality and selling them at markets and at the shop. We mostly use natural materials like gemstones, clay, shells, variety of beads, leather, wood and many more.

-Nora she is specialist with details work with polymer clay and she love to do clothes
and variety of accessories as well.
-Nicolas he is passionate with the Native Indians culture and craft and he is specialist with the beaded work jewelry and the leather craft as well.

We open our Etsy shop at summer of 2013 and we hope to sell and sent our art around the world sharing our ideas and inspiration with so many people.

Our Art Philosophy is to create slowly, peaceful with love and passion cause inside of any piece of art those motions stay for ever!